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Note Details
Note ID:799
Date Added:16/03/2021 23:40
Added by:Nat37670
Relates to: Number 900216
Note text:TOPS history for this vehicle showed the below final workings prior to scrapping. Such an enquiry does not provide the year, unknown how long stored at Margam prior to scrapping.
02/11/xx 6H24 Llanwern ES - Margam TC
03/11/xx 6H21 Margam TC - Llanwern ES
03/11/xx 6H22 Llanwern ES - Margam TC
03/11/xx 6H29 Margam TC - Llanwern ES
04/11/xx 6H30 Llanwern ES - Margam TC
04/11/xx 6E20 Margam TC - Scunthorpe BSC
26/01/xx 6V19 Scunthorpe BSC - Masborough FD
02/02/XX 6V19 Masborough FD - Margam TC

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