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Note ID:838
Date Added:14/05/2021 10:40
Added by:Nat37670
Relates to: Number 360067
Note text:This vehicle was one of a small pool used to carry gravel for B+Q stores from Southampton to Mossend. The last use of the type on the network. TOPS history report for HEA 360067 taken 14/05/2021 shows the last movements of this vehicle back in 2016 prior to being stored at Didcot.
13/12/2015 6X65 Didcot to Mossend
22/01/2016 6V15 Mossend to Didcot
22/01/2016 6O15 Didcot to Eastleigh
22/01/2016 6B43 Eastleigth to Southampton W Dks
22/01/2016 6B44 Southampton W Dks to Eastleigh
22/01/2016 6V38 Eastleigh to Didcot
23/01/2016 6X65 Didcot to Mossend
29/01/2016 6V15 Mossend to Didcot
29/01/2016 6O15 Didcot to Eastleigh
29/01/2016 6B43 Eastleigh to Southampton W Dks
29/01/2016 6B44 Southampton Dks to Eastleigh
29/01/2016 6X38 Eastleigh to Didcot

The departure from Southampton on 22/01 shows loaded (commodity code 635), the departure on 29/01 shows empty which makes sense with the wagon not getting any further than Didcot. Just raises the question why did it go back to Southampton on 29/01?!
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Source:TOPS vehicle history
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