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Note ID:867
Date Added:04/06/2021 15:41
Added by:Dave Warby
Relates to: Sighting of 14/05/1991
Note text:I am 99% certain about the identity of the second vehicle. I recorded it as 5974x. However, scrutiny of the photo I took at the time clearly shows it as a TS. Subsequent investigation in the Spring 1991 DMU book lists only 1 NSE liveried, BY allocated, class 115 TS, in the 5974x series, and that was 59740, so I assume this was it.
Flag:No flag set
Source:Diesel Unit Pocket Book No.3 Spring 1991, Platform 5.
Approval:Approved, manually
Approved on:04/06/2021 19:06
Approved by:Thomas Young
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