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Note ID:872
Date Added:18/06/2021 09:47
Added by:Thomas Young
Relates to: TOPS class/code OHV
Note text:It would appear that the OHV code was originally for both metal and wooden bodied wagons. One of the diagram books on the BMRG site shows the design codes for many wagons were altered, although the date is not known. Wooden bodied wagons became OWV. Unfortunately the design codes for the remaining OHV wagons were also revised, leading to lots of potential confusions. For example, the original design codes OH001A and OH001B were for ex diagram 1/034 wooden bodied wagons to lot 2153. These were then changed to OW001A and OW001B. Metal bodied wagons which had been to design codes OH007A and OH007B were then recoded to OH001A and OH001B, while similar wagons that had been to OH033A were recoded to OH007A! There were lots of other changes at the same time, and keeping a track of these in the database is going to be tricky. Can anyone supply information on when this change took place?
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Source:BR diagrams books on BMRG website
Approval:Approved, auto/admin
Approved on:18/06/2021 09:47
Approved by:Thomas Young
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