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Title:International Train-Ferry Wagons in Colour (For the Modeller and Historian) Review image
Author:David Ratcliffe
Publisher:Ian Allan
Spec:11in x 8.5in, card covers, 96 pages, 222 colour photos, ISBN: 978-0-7110-3404-4
Publication date:2009
Summary:Another well-produced book from David Ratcliffe, with excellent photographs and very informative captions.
Review:This book is to the same format as the one on private owner wagons, with 222 colour photos and a good spread of subjects. As the title suggests, most of the wagons illustrated are from the pre-Chunnel era (the last train ferry operated in 1995), but a couple of more recent types are included. What really impresses in this book is the depth of the author's knowledge and research. The captions usually give information on the wagon itself, the load being carried and the destinations served. He also provides interesting contextual information, such as the actual uses of the various chemicals carried by tank wagons.
Reviewed:03/01/2010 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
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Page image The front cover.
Page image Most pages have several large colour photos with captions detailing the subject wagons and the traffics they were being used for.
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