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Title:An Illustrated History of British Railways (Revenue) Wagons - Volume One Review image
Author:Paul Bartlett, David Larkin, Trevor Mann, Roger Silsbury and Andrew Ward
Spec:192 pages, almost A4-sized, hard-back with dust-jacket, 223 B&W pictures. ISBN: 0-86093-203-6
Publication date:1985
Summary:A highly detailed study of (half of) the BR wagon fleet, backed-up with lots of photos and excellent drawings.
Review:The second title to appear in 1985 was a combined effort by some of the big names in wagon research at the time, and it feels like a more quality production, with larger pictures on glossy paper and more detailed drawings. Unfortunately this book only covers part of the fleet (open wagons, tanks, steel and mineral wagons). The promised volume two (which would have covered hoppers, vans and non-steel carrying specials as well as detailing the liveries) never appeared. This does mean that more detail could be included though, and this starts with the chapter looking at construction and components which has numerous photos of axleboxes, buffers and bogies; very useful for modellers. Subsequent chapters look at groups of types, with tables listing the build and numbering details. Unlike the David & Charles book, this title includes modern types in the appropriate sections. The excellent drawings by Trevor Mann (55 in total) are again to 1:76 scale and include underframe details and plan views.
Reviewed:07/11/2008 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
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Page image The book featured a printed dust-jacket.
Page image Typical page with text, photos and tables detailing all builds of each type.
Page image The drawings are detailed (including underframes) and the photographs are large.
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