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Title:UK & Continental Wagons Combined Review image
Publisher:AEB Rail Publications, Preston
Category:Numbers - Current
Spec:A5, perfect-bound, card covers, 144 pages, 2 colour photos, 2 B&W photos
Publication date:2006
Summary:A comprehensive number listing book, updated annually but containing only the barest information about the wagons included.
Review:AEB is one of several publishers that started producing spotting books in the 2000s, covering railways in the UK and abroad. Their UK wagon book appears to be more aimed at pure spotters than those with much interest in the subject. It covers all the same types as other publisher's titles but each block of numbers is headed with very basic details, and the numbers are just that, with no additional information. For example, the OBA fleet is headed 'OBA 2-Axle Open Goods (OCA/ZDA/ZCA/OBA/RRA etc)' and there is no indication of which wagons are to which code. Prefixes (other than for private-owner wagons) are not included. Lastly, the use of 'perfect' binding seems less than ideal as the book will not lay flat and would appear to be prone to damage if used a lot.
Reviewed:06/02/2010 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
Sample pages:(Click on any image to view full-sized in a new window)
Page image The front cover.
Page image The private owner fleet is listed first, with owner prefixes given for each number, and TOPS codes and types in the batch headers.
Page image Some air-braked wagons would still have had prefixes in 2006, but these are not shown. More importantly, many batches cover several TOPS codes with no indication of which code each wagon carries.
Page image RIV numbers are shown in full (i.e. with exchange codes and check digits) and are sorted in the 'logical' way (by country code then by number blocks).
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