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Title:Model Railway Handbook No.10: Thoroughly Modern Models. 2. Modern Wagons in 4mm Review image
Author:Nigel Burkin
Publisher:Irwell Press, Clophill
Spec:80 pages, A4, card-covers, 174 B&W pictures, 16 colour. ISBN: 1-871608-69-4
Publication date:1998
Summary:This book has lots of photos and information about real wagons as well as examples of modelling projects.
Review:Although mainly relating to models, this book does contain lots of prototype photographs (including useful detail views) and the text gives an overview of TOPS, the various wagon types covered and developments in UK railfreight. The remaining photographs are of models, ranging from just-opened kits to complete wagons, added to which are a handful of drawings and diagrams. The chapters cover various classes of wagon (vans, steel wagons, coal hoppers etc) and each includes a couple of projects ranging from RTR detailing to full scratch-building. The only drawback of this book is the frequent reliance on products from the now-defunct Appleby Model Engineering range. However, the techniques should hold good for kits from other firms.
Reviewed:15/04/2009 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
Sample pages:(Click on any image to view full-sized in a new window)
Page image The front cover.
Page image Coverage of real wagons includes numerous photos (including detail views), a brief history of modern railfreight and an overview of the TOPS classification system.
Page image Several wagon modelling projects are included, illustrated with in-progress photos.
Page image There are several pages of colour photos, including some nicely staged views of completed models.
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