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Title:Preserved Datafiles, No 2 - Wagons Review image
Author:Martin Hall
Publisher:HB Publications / Inter City Railway Society
Category:Numbers - Current
Spec:A5, spiral-bound, 186 pages, colour photos (covers only)
Publication date:2008
Summary:A difficult subject to cover in a book, this is a pretty good listing of all known preserved UK wagons as at 2008.
Review:The quantity and variety of 'spotting' books seemed to explode in the 2000s, despite the apparent decline of the hobby and the advent of computer and internet alternatives. Publishers such as HB produced books covering railway stock as competition to the established titles. They also expanded the scope of the market, with books covering new aspects of the UK railway (such as grounded bodies), along with buses, aircraft, boats, HGVs and overseas railways. The title reviewed here was a second edition of a book detailing the preserved wagons in the UK and was published in 2008, during the period in which HB Publications had a relationship with the Inter City Railway Society.

Preserved wagons is a tricky subject to cover. Many of the wagons (particularly the oldest ones) may no longer be identifiable, or they may have been restored with un-original markings. Even more modern stock has difficulties. For example, many of the air-braked VEA vans were sold to the Ministry of Defence and given internal numbers in the WGB4xxx series. Should these be listed under these (relatively unknown) numbers, under their VEA numbers, or perhaps even with their original B7xxxxx Vanwide numbers? This book seems to list all wagons by their current number, although former identities are shown where known.
Reviewed:03/10/2019 by Thomas Young (Comments made by others can appear in the notes section towards the bottom of this page)
Sample pages:(Click on any image to view full-sized in a new window)
Page image The front cover. This 188 page book included a total of 2 photos.
Page image The first half of the book lists preservation locations with all stock believed to be based there. As can be seen, the 'depth' of information varies widely.
Page image The second half lists all wagons in numerical order, with a cross reference to the location. Although presumably based on the numbers currently carried, I cannot trace some of the items. For example, I don't know of a BR-built Highfit numbered 66036.
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