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Adding links to photos on other websites
Posted by Thomas Young in category
at 23:23 on 26/11/2022
I have finally got the Photolinks feature working. This allows users to add a link to a photo on another website and to relate this to a stock number and/or TOPS or Design code in the LTSV-RD database. Users can add links when they are logged-in but should consider the following points:

1. There is no limit to how many links can be added but it would be sensible to focus on photos of items/types that are not currently shown on LTSV, or photos that show a point of particular interest.

2. Particularly useful would be links to photos found in more obscure websites, or which are less likely to be found by a simple search.

3. When adding a link, you should copy and paste the URL of the page where the photo can be viewed. Please do not add links to websites that require registration/logging-in to view.

4. Try to avoid URLs that are not likely to be permanent. For example things like 'latest photos' are likely to change over time.

5. Links, particularly those from Flickr, can often be truncated without losing their functionality. For example, https://www.flickr.com/photos/hmillington/52166908632 will take you to the same place as https://www.flickr.com/photos/hmillington/52166908632/in/album-72177720299929413/.

6. Links posted by users are moderated and need to be approved by Admin (or an Editor) before being generally visible. This may take a day or two.

Photo links will be displayed on the relevant number, TOPS code or Design detail pages, and are also listed all together in the More section. To add a new photolink, a button will be shown on each detail page when you are logged-in. For example, to add a link to a photo of Deltic 55022, you should first navigate to the detail page for that number.
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