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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - C: Brake Vans and Covered Bulk Carriers
Note: Codes starting in CA were reserved for brake vans.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
CAO -1987 Traffic Brake Van (unfitted) B950000~B955247  
CAP -c.1994 Traffic Brake Van (vacuum-pipe) B950000~B955247  
CAQ 1991-current Traffic Brake Van (air-pipe) B950000~B955247  
CAR -current Traffic Brake Van (dual-pipe) B950000~B955247  
CAV   Traffic Brake Van (vacuum brake) B950000~B955247  
CBA (1) 1974-c.2002 Covered Lime Hopper 250000-250056  
CBA (2) 2003-current Covered Limestone Hopper 362150~362199 Ex PBA BSGL8150~8199
CCO   Covhop (Sand) See CHO Ex CHO
CCP   Covhop (Sand) See CHP Ex CHP
CCV -c.1984 Covhop (Sand) See CHV Ex CHV
CDA 1987-current Covered China Clay Hopper 375000-375137 Some ex HAA
CEA 1996- Covered Hopper 36xxxx Ex HEA
CGA 2009- Bogie Covered Hopper 310318/310552 Ex HTA. Biomass prototypes
CGO   Grain Hopper B885000-B885509  
CGP   Grain Hopper B885610-B885709  
CGV -c.1985 Grain Hopper B885510-B885609  
CHO   Covhop B886000-B886561  
CHP -1990 Covhop B870500-B870759, B886562-B886996  
CHV -1993 Covhop B870760-B870879  
CPV -1987 Presflo Cement Hopper B873xxx, B888xxx  
CPW -8/86 Presflo Cement Hopper B873xxx, B888xxx 6 CPVs modified for ferry use
CQV   Prestwin Cement Hopper B873xxx  
CSA (1) -c.2000 Presflo Fly-Ash Hopper B873978-B874185  
CSA (2) 1999-current Fly-Ash Wagon 876057-976064 Ex PCA RC100xx
CSV -8/86 Presflo Fly-Ash Hopper B873xxx  
CSW   Presflo Fly-Ash Hopper B873xxx  
CTA 2005-current Bogie Brine Tank 870000-870015 Ex TEA
CTV   Demountable Tank Wagon B749xxx Use unconfirmed
CXO   Gunpowder Van B887000~B887159  
CXP   Gunpowder Van B887000~B887159  
CXV   Gunpowder Van B887000~B887159  
CZO   Covhop (Sugar) See CHO Ex CHO
CZP   Covhop (Sugar) See CHP Ex CHP
CZV   Covhop (Sugar) See CHV Ex CHV

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