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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - Z: 2/3-axle Departmental Wagons
Most Z-series TOPS codes covered a number of types and number series so it is not possible to give detailed information. Where Fishkinds are quoted, they may not have applied to all vehicles of the relevant TOPS codes. Codes in bold remained in use in early 2008.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes and Fishkinds
ZAA   Ballast/Sleeper Open DC46xxxx Ex SPA. Pike
ZAO   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Ex Medium Open
ZAP   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Ex Medium Open
ZAV   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Ex Medium / Tube. Cod
ZBA   Ballast Open Various Carp, Hake, Rudd
ZBO   Ballast Open Various Grampus, Lamprey
ZBP   Ballast Open Various Grampus, Lamprey
ZBQ   Ballast Open Various Grampus
ZBR   Ballast Open Various Grampus
ZBV   Ballast Open Various Grampus, Lamprey
ZBW   Ballast Open Various Grampus
ZCA   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Pollock, Sea Hare, Sea Horse, Sea Urchin, Sole
ZCO   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Haddock, Ling, Minnow, Sole, Starfish, Tunney
ZCV   Ballast/Sleeper Open Various Clam, Crab, Dace, Egret, Plaice, Puffin, Tope, Tunney
ZCX   Ballast/Sleeper Open DB787xxx Rebodied ferry vans. Chub
ZDA   General Material Carrier Various Ex OAA/OBA/OCA. Bass, Squid
ZDB   General Material Carrier Various Ex Tube.
ZDO   General Material Carrier Various  
ZDP   General Material Carrier Various  
ZDV   General Material Carrier Various Tope
ZDW   General Material Carrier Various  
ZDX   General Material Carrier Various  
ZEA   Runner/Spacer Various Bream
ZEB   Runner/Spacer Various Bream
ZEO   Ballast Hopper Various  
ZEV   Ballast Hopper   Catfish
ZEX   Runner/Spacer Various Bream
ZFA 1993- Ballast Hopper DC390502-DC390672 Modified PGA. Gunnell
ZFO   Ballast Hopper   Trout
ZFP   Ballast Hopper   Trout
ZFV   Ballast Hopper   Dogfish
ZFW   Ballast Hopper   Dogfish
ZGA   General Material Carrier Various Seal
ZGB   General Material Carrier Various  
ZGO   General Material Carrier Various  
ZGP   General Material Carrier Various  
ZGV   General Material Carrier Various  
ZGW   General Material Carrier Various  
ZHO   Spoil Open Various Ex MCO
ZHV   Spoil Open Various Ex MCV/MXV
ZIA   Breakdown Crane Various  
ZIB   Breakdown Crane Various  
ZIP   Breakdown Crane Various  
ZIR   Breakdown Crane Various  
ZIV   Breakdown Crane Various  
ZJV   Side-Tipping Ballast Wagon   Mermaid
ZKA 1993- Ballast Open DC390xxx Modified POA. Doorand, Limpet
ZKO   Spoil Wagon DB38xxxx Ex Tippler
ZKV   Spoil Wagon DB38xxxx/DB39xxxx Ex Ironstone or Sand Tippler. Barbel, Zander
ZLV   Ballast Hopper   Herring
ZMV   Ballast Hopper   Mackerel
ZNO   Steel Carrier Various  
ZNP   Steel Carrier Various  
ZNV   Steel Carrier Various  
ZOA   Travelling Crane Various  
ZOB   Travelling Crane Various  
ZOO   Travelling Crane Various  
ZOP   Travelling Crane Various  
ZOR   Travelling Crane Various  
ZOV   Travelling Crane Various  
ZPO   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPP   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPQ   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPR   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPV   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPW   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZPX   Staff/Dormitory Vehicle Various  
ZQA   Tool Van Various  
ZQB   Tool Van Various  
ZQO   Tool Van Various  
ZQP   Tool Van Various  
ZQV   Tool Van Various  
ZQX   Tool Van Various  
ZRA   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRB   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRF   Stores Vehicle Various Ex Tanks
ZRG   Stores Vehicle Various Ex Tanks
ZRO   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRP   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRQ   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRR   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRV   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRW   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZRX   Stores Vehicle Various  
ZSA   Runner Various  
ZSB   Runner Various  
ZSO   Runner Various  
ZSP   Runner Various  
ZSQ   Runner Various  
ZSR   Runner Various  
ZSV   Runner Various  
ZSW   Runner Various  
ZSX   Runner Various  
ZTO   Brake Van Various  
ZTP   Brake Van Various  
ZTQ   Brake Van Various  
ZTR   Brake Van Various  
ZTV   Brake Van Various  
ZUA   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Shark
ZUB   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Shark
ZUP   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Oyster, Shark
ZUQ   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Shark
ZUV   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Shark
ZUW   Ballast Plough Brake Van Various Shark
ZVA   Flat Wagon Various  
ZVO   Flat Wagon Various  
ZVP   Flat Wagon Various Loriot
ZVQ   Flat Wagon Various  
ZVR   Flat Wagon Various Loriot
ZVV   Flat Wagon Various  
ZVW   Flat Wagon Various  
ZVX   Flat Wagon Various  
ZWA   Track Machine Various  
ZWB   Track Machine Various  
ZWP   Track Machine Various  
ZWQ   Track Machine Various  
ZWV   Track Machine Various  
ZWY   Track Machine Various  
ZXA   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZXB   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZXO   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZXP   Specialised Vehicle Various Loriot
ZXQ   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZXR   Specialised Vehicle Various Loriot
ZXV   Specialised Vehicle Various Minnow
ZXW   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZXX   Specialised Vehicle Various  
ZYA   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYB   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYO   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYP   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYR   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYV   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYW   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZYX   Electrification Dept Vehicle Various  
ZZA   Snowplough Various  
ZZB   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  
ZZO   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  
ZZP   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  
ZZR   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  
ZZR   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  
ZZV   Crane/Snowplough/Test Loco Various  

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