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BR Wagon Codes - TOPS Codes - F: Flat Wagons
Note: Prior to October 1983, certain types were coded in the X group.

Links on the Code column lead to datasheets, links on the Type column go to profiles. Note that these pages are still in development and there are some gaps. If you can help provide information, please get in touch.

Code Dates Type Number range Notes
FAA 1999-current Bogie Well Container Wagon 609001-609100  
FAV * Conflat A various * Unlikely to have been used
FBA (1) 1986-1994 25T ISO Container Flat 511000-511022  
FBA (2) 1988-1994 Minilink Container Flat 400xxx Ex SAA
FBA (3) 2006-current Bogie Gypsum Container Flat Wagon 600000-600023 Ex KFA BGL95310-95333
FBB -1993 25T ISO Container Flat (B)511000-511022  
FCA 2000-current Bogie Container Flat Twin-sets 610001-610400  
FCV * 35T Bogie Container Flat (Condor) B510000-510049 * Probably never applied. All to YRV
FDA c.2005-current Bogie Track Panel Flat 621xxx Ex FYA
FDV   Conflat D S39xxx Use unconfirmed
FEA 2003-current Bogie Container Flat 6xxxxx  
FEV -1987 Conflat E B947860~B948409 Ex Boplate
FEW -1990 Conflat E   Ex Boplate
FFA 1974-current Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Inner) 602001-603274  
FGA 1974-current Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Outer) 601001-601863  
FGB   Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Outer) 601xxx  
FHA (1) 1974-1993 Lowliner Prototype Container Flat Twin-sets 699000-699003  
FHA (2) 1999-current Eurospine 83 70 4969 001-020  
FIX   Carfit C    
FJA (1) 1994-2006 Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Single) 601996-601999  
FJA (2) 2002-current Bogie Sleeper Wagon (Single) 621901-621917 Ex FYA
FJB 1984-1993 Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Single) 601996-601999 For use on mixed trains.
FKA (1) 1983* Skip-Carrying Flat Wagon 110486-514/624 *Not used. Wagons sold to BNFL as PFA
FKA (2) 1999-current Intermodal Twin Container Wagon 81 70 4908 000-149  
FLA 1991-current Low Platform Container Wagon (2/3-car sets) 60xxxx  
FLV * Conflat L various Use unconfirmed
FMA 1976-200x Freight Flat (for Commercial Vehicles) 60xxxx Ex FFA/FGA. 3-car sets
FNA 1983-current Bogie Nuclear Flask Wagon    
FNB 1983-1986 Bogie Nuclear Flask Wagon   Ex XKB
FOA 1986-current Atomic Flask Carrier 900115/900230  
FOB -1986 Atomic Flask Carrier 900115 Ex BAB/XJB
FPA 1984-current 2-axle Container Wagon 400xxx Ex SAA
FPB ?-1984 2-axle Container Wagon   Ex SAA/SPB
FPV * Container Flat (Ex Lowmac) Various Use unconfirmed. See also FSV
FQA 1983-1989 Cartic-4 Double-Deck Car-Carrying Wagon 995001~995068 Ex XMA
FRA 2002-current Bogie Refuse container Wagon 613001-613044  
FRO 1983-1993 135T Bogie Transformer Trolley Wagon B901800-B901801 Ex XZO
FRP -1985      
FSA 1991-current Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Outer) 608001-608560  
FSV 1966-1972 Container Flat (Ex Lowmac) Various Use unconfirmed. See also FPV
FTA 1992-current Bogie Freightliner Container Flat (Inner) 607001-607140  
FUA 1985-? Bogie Refuse Container Flat (Inner) 622xxx/623xxx Converted/renumbered from FFA
FUV * 'Bocar' Bogie Car Wagon B889100-B889143 * Unlikely to have been used
FVA 1988-? Bogie Carflat   Ex FVX
FVV -1987 Bogie Carflat    
FVW -1992 Bogie Carflat    
FVX   Bogie Carflat    
FWA 2012- Bogie 40ft Container Flat twins 83 70 4520 000-087  
FWV -8/86, 89- Bogie Carflat   Ex BPV/FEV
FWW -1991      
FXA (1) 1985-? Bogie Bullion Container Flat 99500-99503  
FXA (2) 1999 Bogie Container Flat 600001 Ex YEA. Not released to traffic
FXA (3) 2012- Bogie Container Flat Twin-sets 610xxx FCA modified with smaller wheels
FYA (1) 1985- Bogie Refuse Container Flat (Outer) 621xxx Converted/renumbered from FGA
FYA (2) 2009- Bogie Container Flat Twin-sets 610xxx FCA modified for 75mph running
FYP   Conflat C B531000-B531007 Ex Rectanks. Use unconfirmed
FZA (1) 1974-198x Lowliner 2-axle Low Platform Wagon 150000-150004 5-car set
FZA (2) 2002-current Bogie Switch and Crossing Carrier 600500-600502 Ex YMA/YEA
FZV   Conflat   Ex Plate or Tube. Use unconfirmed

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