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TOPS code datasheet
Code/s: YEA/YEV
Description: Bogie Long-welded Rail Carriers
Dates: 1983 to current
Numbers: Various (see tables below)
Build Notes:
Numbers Lot Builder Dates Design Notes
DB979000-979008 4015 BR Shildon 1983 YE001A Perch intermediate wagon
DB979009-979035 4035 BR Shildon 1984 YE001A Perch intermediate wagon (included 4 clamping wagons)
DB979036-979083 4047 BR Doncaster 1985 YE007A Perch intermediate wagon
DB979084-979131 4055 BR Doncaster 1985 YE007A Perch intermediate wagon
DB979400-979405 4045 BR Doncaster 1985 YE010A Perch clamping wagon (later partially renumbered)
DB979406-979411 4053 BR Doncaster 1985 YE010A Perch clamping wagon (later partially renumbered)
DB979500-979501 4016 BR Shildon 1982 YE002A Porpoise chute wagon
DB979502-979503 4036 BR Shildon 1983 YE005A Porpoise chute wagon
DB979504-979509 4046 BR Crewe 1985 YE006A Porpoise chute wagon
DB979510-979515 4054 BR Crewe 1985 YE006A Porpoise chute wagon
DB979600-979603 4037 BR Shildon 1982-1983 YE004A Perch gantry stabling wagon
DB979604-979609 4044 BR Doncaster 1985 YE004A Perch gantry stabling wagon
DB979610-979615 4052 BR Doncaster 1985-1986 YE004A Perch gantry stabling wagon

Comments: The YE series covers three types of wagons. Most numerous are the Long-Welded Rail Handling Trains (LWRT) built in the 1980s. The trains included components numbered in the CEPS engineers plant numbering series. These were power wagons DR89000-89015 (coded YXA), gantry units DR89100-89115 (carried on wagons DB979600-979615 but able to traverse the whole train) and control cabins DR89200-89215 (mounted on wagons DB979500-979515). The YEV code was applied to BEV Bogie Bolsters modified to carry long-welded rail. Dates of conversion and operation are unknown but the use of design code YE003A suggests that these came after the first LWRTs. Finally, the YEA code was also applied on paper to rail wagons owned by London Underground but registered to work on the national rail network. These retained their LUL numbers.

In 1986 it was planned to renumber the Clamping wagons within each LWRT so that the last digits matched up with the other components. The scheme involved the reissue of several stock numbers and things became decidely complicated when the plan was not fully carried out. The table below lists the planned and actual numbers for affected wagons. In 2000, three spare stabling wagons were renumbered as intermediate wagons, while one intermediate wagon became a clamping wagon in about 2005.

Having been replaced by new equipment, 20 stored YEAs were modified in 2007 as steel wagons coded BQA and given RIV numbers in the 81-70-4842-001 to 020 series.

Original Planned Date Actual
DB979004 DB979401 (II) 1986 DB979004
DB979011 DB979403 (II) 1986 DB979011
DB979025 DB979400 (II) 1986 DB979025
DB979029 n/a c.2005 DB979429 (Later to BQA 81-70-4842-020-9)
DB979031 DB979402 (II) 1986 DB979031
DB979400 (I) DB979404 (II) 1986 DB979400 (I)
DB979401 (I) DB979405 (II) 1986 DB979401 (I)
DB979402 (I) DB979406 (II) 1986 DB979408 (II) (Later reverted to DB979402?)
DB979403 (I) DB979407 (II) 1986 DB979403 (I)
DB979404 (I) DB979408 (II) 1986 DB979404 (I) (Later to BQA 81-70-4842-019-1)
DB979405 (I) DB979409 (II) 1986 DB979409 (II)
DB979406 (I) DB979410 (II) 1986 DB979410 (II)
DB979407 (I) DB979411 (II) 1986 DB979411 (II)
DB979408 (I) DB979412 1986 DB979412
DB979409 (I) DB979413 1986 DB979413
DB979410 (I) DB979414 1986 DB979414
DB979411 (I) DB979415 1986 DB979415
DB979601 n/a 2000 DB979132
DB979610 n/a 2000 DB979133
DB979615 n/a 2000 DB979134

Date Qty
1986 243 (presumably 176 YEA, 67 YEV)
1994 176
1999 176
2008 165

YEA-A Long Welded Rail Wagon (Perch)
YEA-B Long Welded Rail Chute Wagon (Porpoise)
YEA-D Long Welded Rail Wagon (LUL)
YEA-D Long Welded Rail Chute Wagon (Porpoise). Refurbished
YEA-E Long Welded Rail Wagon (LUL)
YEV-C Long Welded Rail Wagon (ex BEV)

Design codes:
  Qty at
Design AARKND Notes 1994 1999 2008
YE001A YEA-A DB979000-979035 ? ? 13
YE001B YEA-A DB979404/979429 ? ? 2
YE001C YEA-A DB979018~979075 ? ? 18
YE002A YEA-B DB979500/979501 ? ? ?
YE003A YEV-C DB924077/924086 plus others. Ex BEV ? ? ?
YE004A YEA-A DB979600-979603 ? ? ?
YE005A YEA-B DB979502/979503 ? ? ?
YE006A YEA-B DB979504-979515 ? ? 6
YE006B YEA-D NLU979500~979512. Refurbished, ex YE002A/YE005A/YE006A ? ? 8
YE006C YEA-B DB979509/979514. Ex YE006A ? ? 2
YE007A YEA-A DB979036-979131 ? ? 47
YE007B YEA-A DB979084~979131. Ex YE007A ? ? 18
YE007C YEA-A DB979036~979083. Ex YE007A ? ? 6
YE007D YEA-A DB979017~979134. Ex YE001A/YE007A or renumbered from YE004A/YE009A ? ? 9
YE007E YEA-A DB979078. Ex YE007A ? ? 1
YE008 YE Use unknown ? ? ?
YE009A YEA-A DB979604-979615 ? ? 7
YE009B YEA-A DB979133. Renumbered from DB979610 (YE009A) ? ? 1
YE009C YEA-A DB979609/979614. Ex YE009A ? ? 2
YE010A YEA-A DB979400-979415 ? ? 6
YE010B YEA-A DB979004/011/025. Ex YE001A. To have been renumbered DB979401/403/000 ? ? 3
YE010C YEA-A DB979400/979409. Ex YE010A ? ? 2
YE010D YEA-A DB979410/979415. Ex YE010A ? ? 2
YE010E YEA-A DB979412. Ex YE010A ? ? 1
YE011A YEA-E LUL wagons RW491-493 ? ? ?
YE012A YEA-D LUL wagon RW494 ? ? ?
YE012B YEA-D LUL wagon RW499 ? ? ?
YE013 YE Use unknown ? ? ?
YE014A YEA-D LUL wagon RW495 ? ? ?

Links: Profile of YEA Perch/Porpoise LWR Trains

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