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There were a number of reasons that prompted me to create the LTSV Wagons website. These included;

1. Since moving my first website to a new server I had some spare webspace.

2. Existing wagon websites were mainly picture-based, with little in the way of background or historical information.

3. I wanted to experiment with the use of PHP includes as an alternative to CSS for providing scalable design and database-like benefits.

4. It could be used to provide prototype information to link to my LTSV Trainz website that was already in development.

Work was started in February 2006, the pages being written using Notepad. Pictures were processed using Paint Shop Pro, the only other software involved being the Trainz railway simulator. This was used to make the side-view icons of wagons, as well as the other wagon model images used. For more information on Trainz, take a look at sister site LTSV Trainz.

The aims of this website are:

1. To provide an overview of all BR wagons since 1974 in the form of numbers, codes, etc (Reference section).

2. To provide detailed histories of the most common and/or interesting types (Profiles section).

3. To avoid duplicating information that is currently available on other websites or in print.

I would be very happy for other people to help with making this website more accurate and useful. In particular, if you spot any errors or significant omissions, please let me know. Every page has a feedback button at the bottom which can be used for this purpose, or you can contact me at

Other items that would be welcomed include:

General comments and suggestions about the website.

Requests for particular information or types to be covered.

Photographs of wagons for inclusion.

Any historical TOPS information such as lists of codes, design codes, numbers, etc.

All contributions will be credited appropriately.

This website was created in my spare time, the relative shortage of this accounting for the extended development period. I intend to add to it from time to time, as well as keeping the existing information up to date, but how much time I devote to it will depend partly on the level of feedback received.

An on-line database of UK wagons was initially a long-term objective, and this would have included the facility for registered visitors to add their own information and sightings. This however is too large a task to contemplate at present. Perhaps when I retire!

One development that is likely to take place sooner is the addition of datasheets for a variety of TOPS codes. These will complement the profiles by giving full build and numbering details plus information on design codes, AARKNDs and quantities.

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