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Wagon news for the period 2011-2013 is summarised on the current (2013) news page.

5th June 2011
Nothing much to report of late (at least not that I am aware of). The Bitumen tankers and HLA hoppers both entered service last year.

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5th June 2011
My word, almost a year since I last updated this site! There are three factors here. First is that there don't seem to have been any significant developments in the UK wagon fleet recently. Second is that work and child-care commitments are taking up almost all of my time. Thirdly I have had ongoing technical problems with my original website.

One development that has impacted on this website is the demise of the Fotopic photo hosting service earlier this year. There were lots of railway galleries on Fotopic, and most of my profiles pages have links to Fotopic sites. Fortunately a number of alternatives exist and replacement collections are gradually appearing. I have made a start on cataloguing these and I hope to be able to update my pages over the next few weeks.

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