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12th September 2008
Recent wagon deliveries have included batches of bogie hoppers for Fastline and Cemex. A change of policy has seen these numbered in the RIV series and this will apparently apply to all new builds in future, regardless of whether they are operated domestically or internationally. How this impacts on TOPS codes, existing wagons and those being modified and/or renumbered remains to be seen.

Updating my note about the East London line wagons, there are now at least 8 FEAs on site; 4 Salmon and 4 Tench.

1st May 2008
The May issue of Rail Express reports that Network Rail has ordered 26 'tilting' flat wagons from Kirow. These will permit the carriage of trackwork such as points within the loading gauge.

19th April 2008
Good news is the publication by Freightmaster of a Wagon Recognition book. Priced at 24.95 it covers most of the current types and features over 300 quality colour photographs. I will add more details once my copy arrives. See publications page.

11th April 2008
Four batches of new wagons have been imported so far this year. From Greenbrier in Poland have come 105 MLA bogie opens for EWS numbered 503500 to 503604 and the last of the current order of HXA coal hoppers for Freightliner (taking their number range up to 370719). A second batch of Romanian-built HYA coal hoppers for First GBRf are 371073 to 371122, while Feldbinder in Germany has constructed a batch of JPA bogie cement tankers for Lafarge and Castle numbered VTG12400 to VTG12462. Other new numbers have been issued for conversions, including a further 40 JSA covered steel carriers (VTG4100-4139) and more KFA timber wagons in the GERS97xxx range.

22nd March 2008
The April 2008 issue of Rail Express features an article on the cement traffic from Ketton, including details and photographs of the various cement and coal wagons used.

23rd February 2008
The March 2008 issue of Rail Express includes the first of a two part article on the freight traffic from the Mendips quarries. This includes a study of the various aggregates wagons used.

10th February 2008
At least 14 wagons have been roaded into the East London Line worksite at Surrey Quays, comprising 10 MLA 'Falcon' opens and 4 FEA 'Salmon' flats.

Site News
Latest additions and changes to LTSV Wagons

7th November 2008
With thanks to Martyn for pointing them out, some gaps in the private-owner numbering series have now been filled.

20th October 2008
In connection with forthcoming models in OO gauge (by Bachmann) and Trainz Railway Simulator (by me), I have added a profile of the PIA/KPA Tiphook Hoppers and HQA/JJA Autoballasters as well as datasheets for the HQA and JJA codes.

19th October 2008
Thanks to everyone who supplied feedback and comments. Thankfully there seem to have been no major errors in the pages put up so far, although I have found some spelling mistakes! I will try to provide at least one update a month, the first one being a revision to the RIV numbers page, adding some recent deliveries and highlighting the number ranges that are still in use. With all new-build wagons expected to take RIV numbers, this page may see quite a lot of editing!

1st October 2008
Launch date! Do let me know if you spot any errors.

12th September 2008
Still busy with other projects. However, I have updated a couple of profiles with extra photos. I am now aiming for a 1st October launch, this being a traditional date for such things here! The number of pages requiring major work is now down to 4.

26th June 2008
Been busy with Trainz work recently, but a couple more profiles have been completed, leaving just 7 from the initial set of 53 to be done. A couple of other pages still require some work but the prospect of a launch during the summer does not seem too unrealistic.

1st June 2008
I have decided to add Acrobat PDF versions of all of the profiles on this site, so that content can be saved off-line. The first 28 have been done already and there is a link at the bottom of each profile page, as well as a full listing on the downloads index page. The remaining profiles will be added later.

29th May 2008
The format of the TOPS code datasheets has been finalised and the first examples added. These sheets will bring together all the known information on numbering, AARKNDs and design codes for each TOPS code grouping. An index page had also been addded.

17th May 2008
Another five profiles have been finished this week, bringing the total to 38 (although some of the earliest ones need reviewing and more detail adding).

22nd April 2008
After a bit of a spurt on the profiles, I have since gone back to the reference pages and added more information and some introductory texts. There is quite a temptation to launch the site as it is, with a few 'under construction' notices on the affected pages. We shall see....

12th April 2008
I have been making good progress with the intial set of 50 (now increased to 53) type profiles planned. Two more completed today are for the MTA box wagon rebuilds, and the PX030 Sheerness Steel bogie steel/scrap wagons. The newer profiles include a lot more detailed information on aspects such as design codes and it is planned to upgrade the earlier articles to the same level at a later date.

11th April 2008
The wagon numbers pages have been updated with recent deliveries.

10th April 2008
The profile of the Dolphin and Sturgeon bogie departmental wagons has been finished.

8th April 2008
The profile for the Mendip Rail JNA box wagons has been completed.

31st March 2008
The profile for the Catfish and Dogfish ballast hoppers has been added.

29th March 2008
Continuing with the intermodal theme, profiles have been added for the FSA/FTA and FLA 'lowliner' container wagons operated by Freightliner.

20th March 2008
As from today I will be adding site updates as if the site was live. At least that way I can see what I have been up to! A profile has been added for the modern FEA container wagon.

21st January 2008
This website is approaching its second birthday and has yet to actually venture onto the internet! Quite an achievement.

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