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2nd October 2006
Three new wagon orders are for 48 bogie cement tank wagons for Lafarge, 46 bogie coal hoppers for GB Railfreight and 68 bogie aggregates hoppers for EWS.

29th August 2006
Delivery of most of the wagons for GB Railfreight's Metronet contract has taken place. In a change of plan, some of the new MLA open wagons have been assigned to Network Rail in exchange for some MRA side-tipping ballast wagons.

3rd July 2006
Somewhat confusingly, a batch of bogie tank wagons being delivered to EWS are coded TEA with EWS prefixes, but with numbers in the air-braked series (870200-870344)! EWS has also taken over the wagon fleet of British Gypsum, renumbering their KFA bogie container flats as FBA 600001-600023.

29th May 2006
The June issue of Rail Express magazine gives first details of the 147 new wagons ordered by GB Railfreight to fulfil its Metronet contract.

Site News
Latest additions and changes to LTSV Wagons

31st December 2006
The wagon pages were split away from the Trainz pages today, forming a new stand-alone website.

1st December 2006
A dozen wagon types have been selected to be the subjects of the first set of profiles.

7th February 2006
Started work today on the first wagon webpages, including TOPS code and wagon numbering lists.

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