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Main Details
Number range:DR79601 in series Departmental Stock - BR CEPS
Quantity in batch:1
Quantity in database:
Origin:New Build
Type:HSM Milling Machine
Type group:P (On-Track Plant)
Note added Wed 31/03/2021 by Llamafish
Category: Numbering
Up to June 2020, this was numbered as one vehicle - DR79601. Since then, it has been treated as three separate vehicles, and now carries DR79602 (99 70 9427 064-9), DR79603 (99 70 9427 065-6) and DR79604 (99 70 9527 005-1)

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01/01/2019 LListing (e.g. in an ABC) AExtant, Registered, Active DRDepartmental machine reportable to TOPS
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79601 aka 99.70.9427.063-1 Approved, auto/admin
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Data History
Item added: 10:41 on 21/02/2021 by Thomas Young
Approval status: ball graphic Approved, auto/admin
Item approved: 10:41 on 21/02/2021 by Thomas Young

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