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Main Details
Number range: D6700-D6999 in series Locos - BR D-prefixed Diesel Previous Next
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Origin: New Build
Status: Defunct
Built/Converted: 1960-1965
At: English Electric
Type: Co-Co Diesel Loco (later Class 37)
Type group: LD (Locomotive, Diesel)
Key Photo:
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D6732 07/10/2023 North Norfolk Railway - Weybourne Autumn Showcase Stu Fox Approved, semi/self
D6975 29/08/2023 Paignton Queens Park Future Approved, semi/self
D6817 15/12/2021 Kettering 5Q90 Derby Litchurch Lane - Wembley Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6817 09/12/2021 Kettering 5Q19 Derby Litchurch Lane - Wembley yard Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6817 25/09/2021 Crewe TMD Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6851 25/09/2021 Crewe TMD Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6817 15/07/2020 Hemel Hempstead 5Z36 Crewe Holding Sidings - Eastleigh Works Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6700 09/06/2012 York, National Railway Museum Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6700 06/06/2012 National Rail Museum York Railfest 2012 rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6729 22/09/2010 Peterborough 0Z39 Barrow Hill - Peterborough 37029 rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6700 28/08/2009 NYMR Railway Pickering StationYard Green Marked 37350 rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6994 16/08/2009 Embassy & Bolton Abbey Railway Grey & Yellow rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6990 23/05/2009 Eastleigh 100 Open Day Green Colours Named Castell Caerffili 37411 Stored rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6737 11/11/2008 SDR Buckfastleigh Green rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6730 07/11/2004 Kent & East Sussex Railway Bodiam rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6700 07/06/2004 Derby RTC rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6700 05/10/2003 Barrow Hill Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6700 01/06/2003 Crewe Works Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6700 01/07/2001 Stratford MPD Closure Private Event rogue246 Approved, semi/self
D6700 06/08/2000 Old Oak Common Llamafish Approved, semi/self
D6700 30/08/1998 Toton Llamafish Approved, semi/self
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Data History
Item added: 12:00 on 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young
Approval status: ball graphic Approved, auto/admin
Item approved: 12:00 on 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young

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