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Main details
Design/Diagram series:BR TOPS Carriage Design Code
Design/Diagram ID:EK297.0A
Description:Class 707 (Pantograph) Trailer Standard ((P)TS)
TOPS code:707
On Date: 2015
Off Date:
Parent Design/Diagram: EK297
Source of information:TOPS list from contributor
There is one batch recorded as being wholly to this design code/diagram.
424001-424030 New 30 Class 707 (Pantograph) Trailer Standard ((P)TS) Siemens, Krefeld (Germany) 2015-2017
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Note added Thu 21/01/2021 by Thomas Young
Category: Equipment/Fittings
These coaches are classified as (P)TS, with the P (for pantograph) in brackets. This is because they were configured for third-rail operation only but have a roof-well to enable a pantograph to be fitted at a later date if required.
Source: BR Locomotives & Coaching Stock 2019 (Platform 5)

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