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Description: Bogie 'Pocket' Container Wagon Overall ?This works on the overall designs list without any filtering or sorting applied.
TOPS code: KQA-A
On Date:
Status: Defunct
Off Date:
Parent Design/Diagram: E849 Bogie Container Wagon
Key Photo:
Source of information: Rail Express magazine - Issue 27 (August 1998)
There are 2 batches recorded as being wholly to this design code/diagram.
Numbers Class Design Type Qty Origin Built/Converted Date/s Lot
84.70.4907.000-034 KQA-A KQE849 Bogie 'Pocket' Container Wagon 35 New Rautaruukki (Finland) 1997
84.70.4907.035-074 KQA-A KQE849 Bogie 'Pocket' Container Wagon 40 New Rautaruukki (Finland) 1998
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KQA/KTA Tiphook Pocket Container Wagons
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