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Main data
Number: 2437
Series: Coaching Stock - BR
Date on: 1960
Date off:
Status: Y (Non-extant, Un-registered, Unknown, Presumed Scrap)
Batch details
2428-2437 - Mk.1 Sleeper Composite (SC), built 1960 by Metro-Cammell
Renumbering details
No renumbering recorded.
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Note added Tue 29/06/2021 by Llamafish
Category: Incidents/Accidents
A tragic incident occurred on this vehicle in the small hours of 6th July 1978 at Taunton. Bags of linen had been stowed in a vestibule, unfortunately next to a wall heater which was turned on during the night. The bags of linen began to smoulder, releasing smoke and gases into the ventilation system of the coach. Sadly 12 people perished even before any fire even broke out.
Source: 'Danger on the Line' - Hall, Stanley, Ian Allan Ltd, 1989

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