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Rail Data > Data > Numbers > Number List > 3145 in series Coaching Stock - BR
Main data
Number: 3145 Series: Coaching Stock - BR Previous
Date on: 1963 Date off: 1976
Status: R (Non-extant, Un-registered, Re-numbered)
Batch details: 3130-3151 - Mk.1 Open First (FO), built 1963 by BR, Swindon
Renumbering details: 3145 > 1976 > 1067 > 1983 > DB977192
Similar numbers: ?Other items of rolling stock with the same number will be listed here. Please note that there may be further items (for example pre-Nationalisation coaches and wagons) which are not (yet) in the database.
3145 in series Wagons - BR TOPS Private Owner
3145 (2) in series Multiple Units - SR/BR series
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