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Main data
Number: 81.70.4846.033-8 Series: RIV/EVN International Numbers Previous Next
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Batch details: 81.70.4846.000-229 - Bogie Twin 40ft Container Flat Wagon [Sggrrss], built 2021 by Astra Rail, Poland
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No renumberings recorded.
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81.70.4846.033-8 15/08/2023 Northampton 4L46 Lawley Street to London Gateway Tiny Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 11/04/2023 Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Wilson's Crossing 4M41 London Gateway - Lawley Street Llamafish Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 09/01/2023 Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Wilson's Crossing 4M41 Wembley Receptions 1-7 - Lawley Street Llamafish Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 05/07/2022 Nuneaton 4M61 Southampton to Trafford Park Tiny Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 05/05/2022 Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Wilson's Crossing 4M87 Felixstowe - Trafford Park Llamafish Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 29/03/2022 Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Wilson's Crossing 4L90 Crewe Basford Hall - Felixstowe Llamafish Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 04/11/2021 Northampton, Kingsthorpe, Wilson's Crossing 4Z90 Wembley Receptions 1-7 - Crewe Basford Hall Llamafish Approved, semi/self
81.70.4846.033-8 29/10/2021 Dollands Moor 6Z92 Dollands Moor - Wembley RS rogue246 Approved, semi/self
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