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Main data
Number: 97472 Series: Locos - BR TOPS Previous
Date on: 02/09/1988 Date off: 14/05/1989
Status: R (Non-extant, Un-registered, Re-numbered)
Batch details: 97472-97561r - Departmental Locomotive, converted 1988 at -
Renumbering details: D1600 > 29/01/1974 > 47472 > 02/09/1988 > 97472 > 14/05/1989 > 47472 (R)
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01/01/1989 LListing (e.g. in an ABC) AExtant, Registered, Active
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97472 97/4 97-4BX DRTC Crewe Diesel Depot Approved, auto/admin
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