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Main Details
Pool code: GBYH
Added on: 25/01/2021
Added by: Thomas Young
Description/s ?The meanings of pool codes can change over time. This table lists the known descriptions for the above code.
Date ?The date of the description. Prefixes nb='not before', pe='period ending'. Listing Type ?Listings can be one of two types. A plain 'Listing' is the description of the pool at a given date and is not related to any change. These mainly come from ABC-types and TOPS reports. A 'Change' listing is when the pool or its description was changed, and the date is that of the change. These mainly come from magazine news reports. Description ?The description of the pool at the given date. Note that these are generally the official descriptions and some, particularly wagons codes, include abbreviations. Comments ?This column will show any additional information. For example, when pools are changed but the change is not apparent from the description, the information will be included here. Additional information may also be added in the form of notes (see below). Source ?This column indicates where the information came from. Added ?The date that this pool description was added to the database.
01/01/2019 Listing GB Railfreight Class 59 British Railways Locomotives and Coaching Stock 2019 (Platform 5) 25/01/2021
Listings ?Listings show attributes (including pool allocations) of items of rolling stock at a given date. More listings are being added but they are far from comprehensive.
There is one listing for this pool.
Date ?The date of the listing. Newest listings are shown first. Type ?Listings are either plain listings (reported details at a given date) or changes (changes of details on a given date). Hover over a code for the explanation. Status ?The status of this number at (or after) the given date. Hover over a code for the explanation. Prefix ?The prefix carried at the given date. Hover over a prefix for an explanation. Number TOPS Design Pool Livery Allocation Location Notes ?Shows the approval status of each listing. Hover over an icon for an explanation.
01/01/2019 LListing (e.g. in an ABC) AExtant, Registered, Active
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59003 59/0 GBYH GB Railfreight blue Roberts Road Depot (Doncaster) Approved, auto/admin
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