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Date: 16/03/2011
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Seen by: Self
Source: Seen
Working: Crewe - Bristol Temple Meads
All items logged? Y
In actual order? Y
67006 LTLocos - BR TOPS
9507 CBCoaching Stock - BR
6067 CBCoaching Stock - BR
1842 CBCoaching Stock - BR
3325 CBCoaching Stock - BR
3344 CBCoaching Stock - BR
3333 CBCoaching Stock - BR
17105 CBCoaching Stock - BR
Added: 27/09/2022
Approval: Approved, semi/self
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Note added Sat 18/03/2023 by Future
Category: Other/General
Believe 70000 ?Britannia? was on the front, 67006 on the rear. Not sure if this was for the entire working, however
Source: https://flic.kr/p/9r3uV2

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