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TOPS Code/Class: AX?
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TOPS Category: ?This is my own (unofficial) means to categorise TOPS codes based on what they relate to and whether they are long (4 characters, i.e. including sub-codes) or short (3 characters) SC - Short Code, Coaching Stock
TOPS GENKOC: ?The first character of a TOPS code is known as the GENKOC and indicates the general type of rolling stock (e.g. 1xx are DMUs). A - Passenger-carrying coaches
TOPS BRAKTY: ?The third character of many TOPS codes is the BRAKTY, indicating the type of braking equipment fitted (e.g. A indicates air brakes). * - Not defined by code
Description: Narrow Gauge Coach
Numbers: ?Numbers are only shown where the ranges were limited. Otherwise, refer to the listings section below. The letter r after the numbers indicates this is a range, with not all numbers in the sequence used.
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Sub-codes ?If this code had any sub-codes, they will be listed here.
AX20 Open Second (Narrow Gauge)
AX51 Generator Van
AX5G Mk.3a Generator Van
Designs/Diagrams ?Design codes and diagrams related to this code (and any sub-codes where relevant) are listed here.
2 designs/diagrams currently listed against this TOPS code/class (including any sub-codes).
AX501.0A BR TOPS Carriage Design Code TBC
AX501.0B BR TOPS Carriage Design Code TBC
Batches ?Batches of numbers built or converted to this TOPS code are listed below. Note that only codes that were wholly to this code will appear, otherwise refer to the listings section for other numbers.
There are 5 batches recorded as being wholly to this TOPS code (including any sub-codes).
Numbers Class Design Type Qty Origin Built/Converted Date/s Lot
6260-6264 AX51 Mk.1 Generator Van 5 Conversion - 2003
6311-6313 AX51 Mk.1 Generator Van 3 Conversion - 1991
6371-6375 AX5G Mk.3 Generator Van 5 Conversion - 1996
17105 AX5B Mk.2a Couchette/Generator Coach 1 Conversion - 2001
96371-96375 AX5G Generator Van 5 Renumbered - 1996
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Profiles ?Profiles provide an overview of the histories of various types of train. Profiles that are relevant to this TOPS class/code are listed below. If no profiles are shown, try looking under the parent code (in main details section above)
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Dimensions ?Dimensions are normally recorded against design/diagram numbers. They can be recorded against batches, lots or TOPS codes if the design/diagram is not available.
There are no dimensions recorded for this TOPS code.
Drawings ?Drawings are normally referenced to specific design/diagram numbers. They can be recorded against batches, lots or TOPS codes if the design/diagram is not available. If no drawings are listed here, try looking at related designs/diagrams (above).
There are no drawings referenced for this TOPS code.
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Record added 01/01/2020 by Thomas Young
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