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Main details
Design/Diagram series:BR TOPS Wagon Design Code
Design/Diagram ID:FG001A
Description:Lowliner Outer Vehicle
On Date:
Off Date: c.1980
Parent Design/Diagram:
Source of information:Diagram book on Barrowmore Model Railway Group website
There are no batches recorded as being wholly to this design code/diagram.
There are no listings to this design.
Photos - Internal
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Photos - External
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Note added Wed 26/05/2021 by Thomas Young
Category: Classification/Coding
Under TOPS Lowliner outer wagons 150000-150001 were initially coded as FGA-C to design code FG001A but were soon changed to FZA, further details not known.
Source: BR diagrams books on BMRG website

Related information
Dimensions ?Dimensions are normally recorded against design/diagram numbers. They can be recorded against batches, lots or TOPS codes if the design/diagram is not available.
There are no dimensions recorded for this design.
There is one drawing referenced for this design.
Views ? Which views does the drawing include?
S = side elevation
E = end elevation
P = plan view
D = detail (scrap views, sections etc)
Quality ? How much detail is in the drawing?
High - all/most detail included
Medium - some detail omitted
Low - basic diagram
Comment Origins Source
SE Medium BR diagram book Page 46 of Book320Part2Issue.pdf on Barrowmore MRG website http://www.barrowmoremrg.co.uk/Prototype.html
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