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Design/Diagram ID:Unknown
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There are no batches recorded as being wholly to this design code/diagram.
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Photos - Internal
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Photos - External
ID Number TOPS Design Livery Photo location Photo date Comment Source
9 153385 Unknown Unknown East Midlands blue/red/orange Eastleigh East Yard /0/02/022/ Network Rail VIU-3 Owner
8 3350 Unknown Unknown West Coast Railway Company, Maroon. Penzance, Slopers Siding. 01/07/2017 https://flickr.com/photos/nat37670/35525745241/in/photolist-W8hJmZ
1 390176 ZKA Unknown grey/yellow Didcot 27/11/2003 Rusty Rail Express Magazine issue 272 (January 2019) page M18
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There are no dimensions recorded for this design.
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